Marios Frixou - Μάριος Φρίξου

Marios Frixou

Software Engineer

Experienced Full-Stack Software Engineer with background in the Forex industry (10+ years). Specialized in marketing and web applications. I have previously worked on interesting projects such as CRMs, Payment Gateways, Classified Ads, Real Estate, Recruitment agencies, Ecommerce and Social Networks.

Work Experience


Consulting / For Hire
Jan 2021 - Present

Working on several large scale projects as a full-stack software engineer.

  • Angular, Nx Workspace
  • NestJS, Express, TypeORM
  • Django
  • Flutter, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis


Full-Stack Software Engineer
June 2018 - Jan 2021

Core developer for the marketing department

  • Docker
  • WordPress, PHP, SCSS, Gulp, Webpack
  • NuxtJS (VueJS Framework)
  • Flutter


Full-Stack Software Engineer
DEC 2017 - June 2018

Sovling issues and building new features on the company's internal infrastructure

  • ReactJS, GraphQL, NPM, NodeJS, Webpack
  • PostgreSQL
  • ElasticSearch


Senior Web Developer
JUN 2017 - NOV 2017

Working on various web applications and integrations with the Meta Trader platforms MT4 and MT5.

  • VueJS, NPM, NodeJS, Webpack
  • Laravel, Yii2
  • Sass, JavaScript, JQuery
  • PHP, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Git Version Control, LINUX Server management (Debian 8)

Convertico Media

Senior Web Developer
MAR 2015 - JUN 2017

Client based projects as well as in-house. Had the opportunity to work on large scale and complicated projects and the business made me better understand the concept of good Search Engine Optimization and Online presence for any type of website.

  • WordPress, Yii2
  • HTML, CSS, JQuery
  • PHP, MySQL, MongoDB
  • SEO, Google Analytics basics


Web Developer
OCT 2014 - MAR 2015

My ticket to enter the finance industry and work in a corporate environment.

  • Joomla 3.2
  • Zoho CRM
  • Integration with SpotOptions web platform

Chryses Efkeries

Web Administrator
OCT 2013 - OCT 2014

Responsible for the website content and maintenance while working on a new website at the same time.


(Bsc) Computing and the Network Society

University of Portsmouth
2009 - 2012
The fundamentals and underlying theory of computing, computer architectures, programming, operating systems, networks, software systems, database systems, systems analysis and design, human computer interaction, web authoring, infrastructures. The theory and practice of requirements analysis, specification and prototyping, implementation, testing, integration, documentation, delivery and maintenance and their roles in software development. The need for creativity in producing novel and robust software products. The need for the efficient as well as effective management of the process of software construction within an ethical framework. Network and distributed systems development.

Professional Skills

Top Skills

Angular + NestJS

Working with Angular, NestJS and Docker is my first go to when looking to start a new large project. I have built many components through the years and have my own CMS that I use as a starting point for every project.


Extensive usage on various projects. Mostly worked with Nuxt framework. NuxtJS framework is perfect for build marketing website, landing pages or static pages that don't require a backend.


Expert, 10+ years
Experience on large scale projects with complicated backends and multiple databases. Can start a project from scratch and have the knowledge to extend any framework to fit to the project's needs.
Angular Django NestJS Next.js Flutter
TypeORM PostgreSQL MySQL Docker k8s
Webpack Gulp Sass Git Bash Scripting

Get in Touch

Marios Frixou - Μάριος Φρίξου
  • Turn your idea into code from scratch
  • SEO improvements
  • Small Mobile Apps
  • CRM Solutions
  • CMS Solutions
  • Server Management & Hosting
  • Project Management

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